New CET5000 (Cable Tranducers with integrated Inclination sensors)

Model CET5000 is a rugged and high performance wire cable pull transducer with CANopen output designed for industrial applications and are therefore particularly high-quality and durable.
Excellent repeatability, high IP rating, resistance to shock and vibrations, and high electromagnetic compatibility make this transducer suitable for mobile hydraulics applications such as agricultural vehicles, earth-moving machines, and hoisting equipment.



The new version of CET5000 has integrated angle sensor (single or redundant).
User could be:
• Change from MODEL A (0°-360°) to MODEL B (+/-180°)
• Change from Synchronous to Asynchronous mode output (Version with redundant angle sensors)
• Change Direction of rotation (CW / CCW)
• Set/ Reset Customer offset



Datasheet: DownloadCET5000 - CANOpen

Installation Manual: DownloadCET5000 - CANOpen

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